May 1, 2019

Retaliation: Untitled A

This week, we're sharing stories about retaliation from workers at Google and Facebook.

I had to leave my former team after being harassed, along with the rest of the diverse,  multicultural, multi-gender team by a white, male manager. He held performance reviews over everyone's heads to keep us quiet about his behavior. My performance suffered under his mismanagement. HR and his manager were completely inactive and upon reporting him were absolutely unhelpful. The only advice I ever received was to "talk things out". Nobody else intervened. I felt unimportant, unheard and discriminated against.

Reporting to him only put me in the spotlight as a troublemaker and a complainer. My skip manager stopped talking to me unless strictly necessary. I was lucky and eventually many more people stepped forward, but my only option to stop hating coming to work was to leave that team.

The system is not working for new employees and the people in the lowest ranks. Aggressors get second chances; managers are not held responsible; victims get their time and effort wasted; and their pain and anger dismissed. There is no apology, no accountability. There is no amount of free food or fancy beverages available in micro kitchens that can make up for a lack of dignity.